Posted: 05.09.2016

This is an idea I had about how we go about reducing the amount of administration surrounding a BIM Project.


What are MIDPs?

Level 2 BIM standards in the UK require a Master Information Delivery Plan to be developed by absorbing the TIDPs (Task Information Delivery Plans) received from each supplier of BIM data. These are then incorporated into the BIM Execution Plan.


Here is how MIDPs are defined in PAS1192-2:

The MIDP shall list the information deliverables for the project, including but not limited to models, drawings or renditions, specifications, equipment schedules, room data sheets, and shall be managed via change control”


… Which collates all the TIDPs against the construction programme.”







Here is part of the diagram from the PAS showing how these documents are supposed to work together:

Image taken from PAS1192-2:2013


When I have explained what an MIDP is to various participants, the most common response is this:

“Oh, so it’s like a construction programme.”

They’re sort of right. A MIDP is just a construction programme with some extra info added to it.


A possible alternative to MIDPs

Construction programmes are one of the cornerstone documents of any project.

Rather than creating a separate (MIDP) document can we not just add TIDPs and the responsibility matrix directly to the construction programme?


I believe that this approach would provide the following benefits:

  • There is no unnecessary duplication of information between the construction programme and the MIDP.
  • Adding the MIDP information to the construction programme rather than as a separate document means that it is more likely to be read.
  • It is easier and faster for teams to add information to an existing document rather than having two separate documents that must have their information compared, coordinated, checked and updated.
  • The MIDP/construction programme would be incorporated into the BIM Execution Plan. This means that more people might actually read the BEP as well.

What would it look like?

My first suggestion is to use merged cells to hold the extra MIDP information. For example a single task entry on the original construction programme may be expanded to display all of the data required for that particular task:


The NBS Option

The NBS BIM toolkit and other project management systems also have some tools that could go towards removing the requirement for a MIDP. Go here to try out the NBS toolkit.

In this toolkit is a task list and a deliverables list, so perhaps these can replace the need for a MIDP?


However, I have not yet used the NBS BIM toolkit on a real project.

I would be very interested to hear from anybody who has.