One visionof a mission to deliver on an inclusive basket of values.  


“Great to work with. Great to work for.”

This is not a piece of idle marketing fluff, but a living, breathing mantra that we actually use to evaluate decisions, drive conversations and measure outputs against. It is our mission.

We are committed to delivering improvements in productivity, efficiency, quality and the experience of working together.


The intention is that we work in ways that improve our credibility and benefit our clients; to be
“great to work with”. 


At the same time we want to have great relationships with each other; to make our business somewhere that is “great to work for”. 


And the choice of the word “great” is a shared commitment to each other that these are things we want to be really, really good at.



Our vision is:


To create great buildings and spaces in ways that make a lasting and positive impact.



Our mission is:


To be Great to work with. Great to work for.



Our values are:

  • To promote challenge and accountability to build successful teams
  • To express appreciation and value each other’s work
  • To learn collaboratively and encourage innovation and development
  • To keep our promises and do what we say we will, when we say we will
  • To treat each other respectfully and look for the best in each other
  • To be invested in everything we do and to actively improve