A 185 bedroom refurbishment at Burleigh Court will provide a renewed sales impetus for the venue.



Hospitality & Conference

The refurbishment programme includes:

  • A phased full strip-out and refurbishment of 100 ‘older’ bedrooms, including the full refurbishment of ensuites / converting bathrooms to shower rooms. Corridors are also included.
  • A full refurbishment of 8 suites, also including corridors.
  • A phased soft refurbishment of 77 ‘newer’ rooms, replacing case goods including a bathroom refresh only. Baths are to remain.  Corridors included.

Since the last refurbishment 10 years ago IMAGO has seen increased competition locally following the opening of a high end hotel at East Midlands Airport, as well as its closest academic competitor having undergone significant refurbishment of its residential conference centres.


With the above in mind, IMAGO considered the time was ripe for a bedroom refurbishment at Burleigh Court to provide a renewed sales impetus for the venue, adding even more value to their already successful conference facilities, particularly with new business opportunities coming into the area from the Charnwood Campus and Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park.