I joined maber as a graduate architect in 1991 and have immensely enjoyed being part of the company’s success and growth for more than 30 years.


I have always found the friendly, inclusive and open ethos of the practice to be a great asset and have done everything I can to help maintain these values throughout the company’s development. We have all sorts of great people here, with an incredible range of skills and interests, and this diversity really does make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

As Director and Governance Lead, I spend more time these days managing the business than managing projects and architectural teams. My key areas of responsibility include Business Strategy, Finance, Insurances, Appointments, Contracts, Quality, Systems & Processes and Health & Safety. However, after so many years in the industry, I am always available to our teams to direct, assist and offer an opinion on the various knotty issues they often experience when delivering their latest projects.


Fergus Lowe

Director and Governance Lead

Tel: +44 (0)115 941 5555

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