I’m part of the Architectural Technologist team at maber, working with architects, consultants, contractors and clients as part of a design team.


I aim to help provide our clients with environments that are creative and inspirational, that still meet their budgets and other needs.

As well as the overall aesthetic appearance of projects I’m responsible for ensuring that these buildings also meet the various statutory requirements as well as those set out by our clients.

I enjoy working as part of a diverse team of individuals who are able to bring together skills and experiences from a wide range of backgrounds.  I use these skills and this background knowledge to help me deliver effective solutions to problems encountered from the early stages of projects right through to completion.

The supportive environment at maber has enabled me to develop my own skill set in line with new developments in the industry, such as using new methods of construction and BIM.


Steve Ager

Architectural Technician

Tel: +44 (0)121 794 8969

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