The Arnold Market Scheme provides a new multi-use urban square and a new business enterprise building.



Urban Design


Gedling Borough Council
Landscape Architecture
Masterplanning & Urban Design

A masterplanning and urban design scheme set to regenerate Arnold Market and reinvigorate Arnold town centre, whilst strengthening existing urban patterns and improving connectivity in the existing townscape. 

The scheme provides a new multi-use urban square and a new business enterprise building, with seven business incubator units on the ground floor and lettable commercial space above. Flexibility has been designed in; selected ground floor units can be combined if required and the commercial space allows for both cellular and open plan arrangements.

The design features a simple palette of high-quality robust materials, which compliment the surrounding streetscape, applied in a contemporary manner.


The redeveloped urban square will be occupied by market stalls which can be dismantled and stored in a purpose-built store to the rear of the enterprise building, allowing the square to be used for public events and gatherings. The market plaza is defined by high quality architectural pavers accented with natural stone flags, with purpose designed granite benches.


A number of sustainable design features have been incorporated into the proposals, helping to mitigate the environmental impact of the scheme’s construction and use.

A large tree canopy defines the western edge of the site and ties in with existing trees in the town centre. A sustainable urban drainage system captures storm water from paved areas and roof drains and transfers it to a tree pit, providing a better environment for the trees to grow as well as mitigating flood risk. 


This development will greatly enhance the appearance and character of the local area and is likely to be a catalyst for further investment.