With a focus on accessibility and community experience, and a brief to reinvigorate an important link in the public realm between Bilston town centre and Bilston Urban Village Nature Reserve, this project will provide a valuable new centre for Health and Wellbeing.





City of Wolverhampton Council
Masterplanning & Urban Design

Bilston Health & Wellbeing Facility aims to integrate primary and community health and social care services, including mental health and special education needs, as well as housing and community support spaces. The vision of the new facility is to create a campus that empowers everyone to take ownership and control of their own health, with functional links to the existing Bert Williams Leisure Centre.


Multiple Public and Stakeholder engagements informed the concept and design development of the project, obtaining excellent feedback and support from the Bilston community. The materiality of the proposed design responds to the surrounding built and natural context, as well as introducing a subtle reference to the Bert Williams Leisure Centre landmark.


The stepped massing is designed to smoothly integrate the building with the existing site topography and introduce active frontages to elevations. 

A series of design iterations and close collaboration with the Client, Stakeholders, and the Design Team helped develop an efficient solution for circulation and the use of shared facilities.


Entrances into Reception and Waiting areas are provided from both Lower Ground and Upper Ground levels, to ensure accessibility and convenient circulation throughout the building and the site. The orientation of the building allows for views of the Nature Reserve to be framed internally, with the green roof and sensory garden creating a continuity of the green landscape.



The internal layout is designed with careful consideration of privacy requirements for clinical rooms and efficient provision of daylight via skylights and the central atrium. A range of private and shared bookable spaces cater for flexible and integrated use, including open-plan offices and expandable multi-use spaces.

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Top image – Exterior visual of maber‘s proposed design produced by RAD.