Built during a time when the colliery was still a major employer, the school for 11 to 16 year olds serves the town of Bolsover and the local neighbourhood, occupying a self-contained site at the very eastern edge of the town.




Derbyshire County Council
8,500 m2 GIA
BREEAM Very Good

Redeveloped under the Building Schools for the Future programme, the design takes influence from the history of the community. The main entrance reflects the duality of the community. The solid, industrial mining heritage of Bolsover is represented by a massive grey monolithic “bookend” solidly anchoring the building into the ground on the left hand side of the entrance, looking back to the recent history of the town and the area. On the right hand side, the entrance doors are set into a double height glazed atrium which gives views into the courtyard. The eye is led into the courtyard by the bright, burnt orange soffit, wrapping around the entrance and flowing across the atrium ceiling and into the cloister.


The scheme has been subject to intense third party design review, with two reviews by CABE. Each time, constructive comments have been incorporated post-review and the proposals strengthened as a result. The scheme was most recently rated as “Good”.


We were listened to, our views as educationalists with the direct experience of leading a school were respected and from day one the design represented our vision. I know I am secure in speaking on behalf of my colleagues and the Governing Body in saying that we have thoroughly enjoyed our professional partnership with the maber team.

Mr GR Inglis
Headteacher, Bolsover School