A new residential scheme, providing 360 apartments for the private rental sector in Rugby’s Market Quarter.




Cassidy Group
24,020 m2 GIA
Residential - Private

The scheme provides 360 managed apartments in a mix of 175 one-bed and 185-two bed apartments, across four blocks, which benefit from their close proximity to the local train station and local town centre. The proposal completes the regeneration of the former Cattle Market site which has stood derelict since its closure in 2008.



The proposed design features high quality, robust, natural materials which compliment the surrounding streetscape, together with attractive landscaped areas. The built form repairs the established streetscape and creates new streets continuing the alignment established on the Eastern side of the site and forming new public routes through the site that increase the permeability of this urban block. The design reconciles the challenging site, with the massing of the proposed development  considerate of the surrounding residential area, whilst gradually stepping up to the larger scale of the existing commercial developments to the west of the site.


The design includes the provision of a new public open space providing a pleasant park complete with outdoor gym for the new neighbourhood and surrounding community, whilst providing new habitats for wildlife.

The development greatly enhances the appearance and character of the local area as well as providing much needed housing and regeneration.