A stand alone new centre on the edge of public open space.




Derby City Council
241 m2 GIA

The facility provides the local community with a children’s centre where under five year olds and their families can receive seamless integrated services and information. The project overcame complex site issues including the relocation of a real time bus shelter and the formation of a new site entrance involving public open space.

The 240sqm accommodation houses community rooms, a health room and interview room. The plan was deliberately kept simple, allowing ease of way finding with a central spine that provides obvious direct access to the main rooms. The central spine is flooded with natural daylight.



The Benefits

The building benefits from good natural ventilation and, by ensuring 40% glazing to the community rooms to give a high daylight factor, the requirement for lighting has been reduced, which in turn has reduced energy consumption.


In addition, solar thermal collectors were placed on the roof to harness the sun’s energy to provide free hot water for the wash-up and refreshment areas. 

The building has increased insulation values and air tightness performance over that of the standard building regulation requirement.

The scheme also comprised car parking area and an additional Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) and garden space for the school, with fifteen trees transplanted.


The new SureStart Centre in Chellaston will offer an invaluable service to local families … maber architects have extensive experience working on projects like this and we rely on their expertise and guidance when deciding on the best way to carry this development forward.

Paul Glowacki
Principal Design Manager, Derby City Council