An exciting opportunity to enhance the arrival experience at the main entrance of Florence Boot Hall, and create a new garden bar, courtyards and greater social spaces.



The University of Nottingham
Landscape Architecture

The landscape proposals include the transformation of the existing degraded frontage area to a welcoming attractive arrival courtyard. A garden bar is also created with lush planting, as an external connection to the student bar, and further outdoor seating areas with trees and planting are created to link with the student common room.


Florence Boot Hall, opened in 1928, is one of the smallest, and oldest, halls at the Nottingham University Park. It was the first all-female hall of residence at the University of Nottingham.


Main entrance and courtyard

Overall, the current external frontage area of the Hall lacks character and is not a welcoming arrival space. The existing features at the front of the hall; the carpark, railings, cycle stands and bin store buildings, are of low quality materials and create an unattractive environment.

The new courtyard is designed to be visually attractive and robust, in a style that works together with the existing character of the building and provides a new sense of the space.


Quality paving materials, York stone and resin bound gravel, extend across the entire courtyard and soften the brick facade of the hall, whilst creating a welcoming shared space. Lighting design is selected to tie in with this contemporary look and transforms the space at night and as a safe, lit environment during the winter months.



The space will be enriched with tree, shrub and perennial planting to soften the existing building frontage as well as provide seasonal interest, colour, texture and shade. Modern timber benches and bike stands create a contemporary look, whilst evergreen hedges create a backdrop to the building and screens the bike racks. Accessibility for all users is reflected in our design shape as well as replacing stairs by gently raising the courtyard levels to the front entrance.


The Garden Bar Courtyard

The small existing external space adjacent to the bar is in poor condition and dominated by an unattractive conservatory. Enclosed on all sides by the building, the landscape proposals make the most of the space by creating a cosy courtyard with lush shade loving planting. Herringbone paving links with the existing herringbone wooden flooring in the internal bar area. A bespoke timber topped table with a tree growing through provides a centrepiece and focal point, creating a unique space for students to relax and socialise.


Common Room Courtyard

The upgraded common room provides the opportunity to create a beautiful outdoor area for students to eat, socialise and relax. The landscape proposals include a herringbone paved area next to the common room where moveable tables and chairs will provide a flexible space. Planting beds designed to be attractive to pollinators will punctuate the hard surface to provide colour, texture and seasonal variation. Beyond, is an area for table tennis and quieter spaces with seating are created through providing enclosure with trees and planting beds.