A comprehensive redesign of existing watersports visitors’ centre into a high quality facility.




Nene Park Trust
770 m2 GIA
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Culture & Leisure

The project has expanded upon the existing established café and watersports operations, providing upgraded and increased facilities for both aspects of the centre.

The scheme has been developed in collaboration with the existing tenants and external consultants, building on their knowledge and expertise. The aim is to position the Centre as one of the best watersports activity centres in the region. There will be a focus on the growing uptake in sports such as sailing and cycling by providing a centre which is accessible to all. 

Improvements for the visitor’s centre included a new cafe and function room, kitchens, outdoor seating space and boat/equipment storage, maximising the value and income generation from these spaces.

There has also been an emphasis to provide better educational facilities for both the casual visitor and those using the adjacent boating lake.


As part of the overall remodelling process, the building was stripped back to its primary structure and overclad with materials that are more suitable to its natural surroundings – this has also enabled the building’s sustainable credentials to be improved, via a greater thermal mass, replacement of the heating system and photovoltaics to the new roofscape.

As part of the design solution, the Trustʼs Park-wide access audit has been encompassed, to ensure the new facilities provide access for all users.

Particular emphasis has been placed on improving the environmental performance of the building and associated operations including waste management.