Located on the site of a defunct former dye works, Rainshore Mill is dramatically positioned on the edge of the Rochdale fells. maber were asked to look at the development potential for the site in early 2005.




Russell Construction
7,779 m2 GIA
Residential - Private
Masterplanning & Urban Design

The site itself was located on the side of a valley overlooking the Greenbooth Reservoir, providing a spectacular backdrop for the whole development. It posed a number of challenges due to the steep topography and the existing mill buildings, which had been cut into the hillside.

The brief required us to provide a masterplan for a  contemporary hamlet, using traditional materials, but with a modern spin. Therefore we attempted to give the scheme the character of a typical English village using traditional materials and the local vernacular to main frontage of the houses with the rear elevations designed as contemporary infills into a traditional shell.

Included within the development are a number of public open spaces creating places for children to play and public amenity such as walks and links into the wider public footpath network.

This innovative solution provided a distinctive selling point for the housing in the development.

The scheme was designed to be a highly sustainable community, utilising high thermal efficiency and the potential for on-site electricity generation from a small hydro electric station fed from an existing mill pond and fast flowing culvert currently flowing under the site. This was utilised to the scheme’s advantage to create a stream running through the village providing a focal point and enhanced landscaping opportunities within the scheme.