The ROMO Group Headquarters landscape scheme strives to create a visually stimulating, environmentally sustainable site with well defined circulation patterns and clear hierarchy of function.



ROMO Fabrics
33,000 m2 GIA
Landscape Architecture

The scheme frames out the visitor experience with carefully composed sequences of plant materials, hardscape, and site features that accentuate building entrances and amenities as well as provide areas for social interaction and gathering on multiple scales.



Hardscape adjacent to major building entrances have developed to a high degree of detail and are harmonious with the program, materials, and aesthetic of the architecture. Beyond the hardscape the language of the site has quickly filtered into a softer more ‘natural’ landscape.


As you move away from the building into the site, hard pavement gives way to gravel and you enter a landscape primarily composed of native meadow grasses and woody plant material. The plant materials have been selected for their suitability to the ecology of the site and strengthen the existing native woodland edges, providing a vivid wildlife habitat.

The natural edges of the site also provide a visual and acoustic screen between the new building and the adjacent industrial buildings.