Posted: 26.05.2020



Working from home (or the local coffee shop) has grown in popularity over the last few years, but the Covid-19 crisis means more people than ever have had to set up office in their own homes. 

Without knowing it, we’ve been preparing for this situation for the last three years, by investing in technology that enables our people to do what they need to do, wherever they happen to be. 

But with so many digital suppliers and solutions to choose from, it’s not always easy to know where to start.


In a series of posts, we share the top four questions we ask when selecting new technology, as well as some of the things that have worked for us so far.

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What’s the culture & history behind the technology?

To start us off, the first (and most important) question we ask is – “What’s the culture and history behind the technology?”

In other words – Who owns it? How did it emerge? What does the provider say about themselves? What do other people say about them?


Why is this important?

Our mission is to be great to work with, great to work for.

This goes for the experience our people have at work and the relationships we have with our clients and suppliers. Any technology we invest in will inevitably become a key part of the way we work as a business and of the working lives of our people, so it’s crucial that we select the right cultural fit from the start.