Posted: 26.05.2020



The second question we always ask when looking at new technology is where the provider is headed with their offering – in other words, what does their development pipeline look like.


We’re in it for the long-haul; we want to develop long-term partnerships with our technology providers and implement solutions that will grow and develop with us over time. 

We don’t mind if the existing offering isn’t “perfect”right now. It’s more important that we find a solution that fulfils our needs in the short-term and that we have the confidence that a development plan is in place that will take us into the future.


As an example, we’ve recently moved from a traditional phone system to a Voice Over IP (VOIP) system, which basically means making voice calls over the internet from wherever you are. This is more important than ever, as it means our team can continue to make and receive calls whilst working from home.

There are many providers out there, some more established than others. So, when we started to explore the market we looked at the current solutions available and what the providers’ development plans were.


We chose Zoom Phone, a relative newcomer to the VOIP market but with a successful meeting and webinar offering. When we spoke to Zoom about their development pipeline, it was clear that their platform was evolving on an almost weekly basis. 

The speed at which they’ve been able to adapt to the rapid growth their platform has seen over the past few weeks really is testament to their ability to develop, test and deploy solutions quickly and in response to the needs of their clients. 

They also showed us that they could respond positively to our requests, which gave us the confidence that they were the right fit for us.