Posted: 26.05.2020



The only time you really want to hear “have you turned it off and on again?” is in an episode of the IT Crowd. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a problem and being met by an uncaring operative who suggests everything you’ve already tried and then tells you someone will get back to you.


This is the kind of support the IT team at maber try to avoid at all costs – both in terms of the support we provide to our people and the support we receive from our technology providers.

One of the ways we aim to achieve this, is by asking potential providers – what support can you offer us? So, when it came time for us to deploy a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, this is something that naturally played a part in our decision making.

MDM allows us to look after all of our mobile devices, laptops and desktop machines across the company. It’s an important part of our business, as not only does it enable us to roll-out wide scale changes to all our devices at the push of a button, it also helps us to see a full picture when it comes to any reported problems.


After exploring the market, we partnered with JAMF. There are two key benefits that they provide which gave us the confidence to select them as our MDM provider – their depth of support and the speed in which they can respond to our needs.

Firstly, there’s a huge community of users that we can tap into at any time,  where we can quickly see any issues that other IT professionals are experiencing – this is called the JAMF Nation forum. And secondly, they have numerous channels available for us to ask for one-to-one support – including a chat function which enables us to speak to a real human in minutes.

We really couldn’t provide the level of service our people need during this difficult time without an MDM solution in place or the confidence we have in the support provided by our technology partners at JAMF.