BIM & Digital construction can provide tangible benefits to all stakeholders on a project. maber offers BIM Consultancy services specifically tailored to all levels of projects to ensure conformity and quality, without the BIM headache.


As BSI verified Information Managers and an AJ100 architecture firm, maber are uniquely positioned to provide pragmatic BIM & Digital construction solutions throughout the lifecycle of a project. We strive to offer plain english BIM solutions and guidance, whilst maintaining adherence to the latest international standards (predominantly ISO19650 and the UK BIM Framework)


Although the time, cost & quality benefits of BIM on construction projects are well documented, the process is often over complicated and not implemented at a relevant scale. Through our core services; maber BIM: Strategy and maber BIM: Delivery we will ensure efficient BIM implementation.


maber BIM: Strategy

‘How & why BIM can give you an advantage on your project’
A consultancy service for clients, facility managers & project procurement teams to help them see the benefit of BIM on their projects. Review current organisation BIM strategy / documents and advise on creating better ones.

What are your organisational aspirations for BIM and how are you going to achieve them?
We can help create key documentation, such as AIR (Asset Information Requirements) and a Pre-Appointment BEP (BIM Execution Plan)


maber BIM: Delivery

‘How you can save time & money during project delivery’
After planning a course forward through our BIM strategy service, or working with existing documents on a project, we can then use our extensive industry experience to provide pragmatic BIM coordination. We will take away the day-to-day BIM confusion and ensure conformity.

This service can be tailored to suit each individual project but contains three key areas of expertise:

  1. BIM Management – Lead the project team in delivering BIM.
  2. BIM Coordination – Coordinate the project teams output through 3D BIM Clash model clash detection.
  3. Information Management – Manage & validate project team delivery of information through a common data environment (CDE)

BIM Modelling

Alongside our consultancy services, maber apply BIM principles to all of our design projects. maber have been using 3D object-based modelling as our BIM software of choice for over 15 years and have developed our expertise in the utilisation and implementation of BIM as it has evolved.

All drawn information is derived from our parametrically designed 3D models and we have experience in applying end-user asset data (such as COBie) when required. We have won various awards for our projects including Graphisoft BIM Project of the year two years in a row.


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