Dunham House is Grade II Listed and is within the Southwell Conservation Area. It is one of nine remaining prebendal houses formerly attached to Southwell Minster.





Diocese of Southwell & Nottinghamshire
Residential - Private

The house had suffered years of neglect and a disregard for its importance in the street-scape and history of Southwell. At the time of development the property was being used as offices by the Diocese. Numerous alterations and unattractive add-ons over the years included a large crude extension in the 1960s that covered the whole of the original southwest elevation. Many original features and decoration had also been spoilt with the insertion of office facilities.

All the prebendal properties have a long history and, during the works, evidence of a small late mediaeval house was found. By the implementation of a Historical Report, the major phases of evolution were identified and a dialogue given to the various features within the property.


The new scheme saw the building stripped back to its original footprint. Poor and unsound structural work was sympathetically and safely rectified. The property was divided into 7 apartments that re-established the room proportions of the original house and reflected the original lay-outs. Original features were kept and intrusive services and structural changes avoided as much as possible.

The scheme has seen a Listed property successfully restored to its original use of residential, resulting in a stunning marketable property, praised highly by the Local Conservation Planning Officer.