The Dock is an innovation workspace for technology and science businesses in Abbey Meadows close to Leicester city centre. The site adjoins the side of the river Soar and is close to the wildlife corridor formed by the river. A pedestrian route along the riverside links into the public footway adjoining the Dock site.




Leicester City Council
Landscape Architecture

The landscaping within the site forms three distinct zones. Adjoining the main entrance is a paved court with inset and margin planting of evergreen shrubs, forming a welcoming environment for visitors. The majority of the site forms a car park and external paved patio area which is enclosed with taller shrub planting.



Parallel with the public footpath is a linear zone planted with a wetland wildflower seed mix that encourages planting of a similar type to the riverside corridor.


This comprehensive approach to the landscaping of the site will integrate the environment with its location and will create a cohesive green corridor with the riverside.