To continue to attract international cricket to its world famous home at Trent Bridge, Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club has extended and improved its media facilities.




Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club
Sports Facilities

The media facilities have been increased and enhanced in line with the spatial and technological demands of expanding global media coverage for TV / radio broadcasters and the written press.

The Club also benefits from an increased hospitality provision with the inclusion of a new restaurant within the stand.

Access has also been greatly improved including replacement of the existing lifts.

The challenge was to design a new layout that overcame the constraints of working within the existing structure of the Radcliffe Road Stand, built in 1998.


The result is an extended floor area at Level 5 giving increased pitch side broadcasting provision as well as public toilet facilities.

There are new storeys at Levels 6 and 7. Level 6 incorporates a pitch-facing 120 cover restaurant with outdoor viewing terraces that is serviced by a commercial cooking / preparation kitchen.

Level 7 is solely for use by broadcasters, with three new studios that overlook the pitch, supported by rest rooms and facilities. 



The new construction is lightweight in design, to reduce the load on the existing structure and foundations. It is predominantly white and cream in colour in deference to the cricketing heritage of Trent Bridge, although there are highlights of colour to mimic weathered copper, similar to the roofs of the Bridgford Road Stand and nearby County Hall.


Pitchside facade

As befits its differing functions in this part of the building – restaurant dining areas and new studio spaces – the pitchside facade is designed to maximise the visibility of the pitch and boundaries by having large floor to ceiling glazing which allow unrestricted views of the pitch.



The over-sailing curved roof appears like an elegant wing over the transparent walls of the restaurant. It reflects the colour, form and construction of the Fox Road and Bridgford Road Stands’ roofs.


This new development allows Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club to retain a competitive edge and continue attracting international cricket matches and major domestic competitions to Trent Bridge.