The children’s centre at Seely Infants school, while small, is a valuable addition to the facilities provided by Children’s Services to the area.



Nottingham City Council
200 m2 GIA
Education - Primary

This building is an integral element in providing services into the community. However, the site and budget posed a number of challenges and we are extremely pleased with the finished result. The building is both contemporary and sympathetic to its surroundings and is finished to a very high standard.

The building, despite its small size and window size constraints imposed due to security concerns, is both light and spacious, providing up to date facilities in accessibility and energy use. It is insulated to current standards, with energy efficient lighting controlled on PIR detectors and underfloor heating to the play area. Many features have been incorporated to ensure it is robust and efficient, while also being a fun and playful environment for children.



This was an extremely difficult project with lots of local planning issues and highways issues to surmount and maber were exemplary in their diligence and tenacity in overcoming obstacles. They carried out the delivery of the project in a very professional manner and within the Client budget.

David Downes
Project Officer
Nottingham City Council Children’s Services