Westfield Academy is the largest project of the HLR Batch (Herts, Reading, Luton) of 7 PF2 schools and was built to accommodate up to 1600 pupils in a new single building to replace the outdated and inefficient existing school built in the early 60’s.





Interserve Construction Ltd/Kajima Partnerships Ltd
Graphisoft BIM Project of the Year 2016
Education - Secondary

The new building was designed to exceed the energy efficiency targets of the current Building Regulations with a “fabric first” approach targeting increased insulation values and airtightness along with efficient heating and ventilation. Along with the other schools in the batch Westfield has used a toolbox of standard details to enable an efficient and standardised design process to be achieved.


Due to the challenges presented by the levels of the existing site, Westfield is unique in the batch by featuring an entrance bridge to the main pedestrian entrance which provides an exciting and dramatic approach to the building.


The colour pallet for the building has kept the school’s brand in focus with splashes of colour to elevations and feature walls internally.


Externally a high quality pallet of materials creates interest with contrasting textures of crisp render, patterned and standard brickwork and rainscreen cladding.


The main hall was placed on the upper ground floor next to the main entrance to enable easy access for the community to events and shows whilst allowing the rest of the school building to be secured.


Care has been taken to maximise natural light in the classrooms which spill out into a fully glazed street to the centre of each wing. The highly compact design features a connecting glazed bridge between the north and south wings. The openness of the corridors and spaces allows for easy passive monitoring by staff members to provide a safer atmosphere for students. The building is fully sprinklered and has been fire engineered to a higher standard than required under the Building Regulations.

Maber were also the Landscape Architects for the project.